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Latest News Releases!


October 18, 2005



We hope you enjoy our new website!

Bio Remedies launched their new website this Tuesday in order to provide information on their products and services to the general agricultural community.  We hope that you find the information on this site both helpful and informative.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how to improve our site, please contact us at:


This website was created by Jade Media Technologies out of Minneapolis, MN.  Please feel free to visit them for all your web development and marketing technology needs.



October 14, 2005



Sustainable Growth Inc.!

SGI has been named Bio Remedies' national distributor for agricultural products.  With headquarters in Boise Idaho, Sustainable Growth leads the industry nationwide in solutions for sustainable agriculture, compost tea, and organic lawn care & landscaping.  Let SGI help you discover a better way to grow!  Visit their website by clicking on their link located at the top of every page, or simply by CLICKING HERE.







August 24, 2005


Agri Info Tech

An expert in the area of plant protection using humic acid products, Dr. Ilangovan Ramasamy of Agri Info Tech, Inc., Salem, New Hampshire, has perfected products and practices to improve and sustain plant health through natural methods.  Agri Info Tech, Inc. promotes improvement of the inherent capacity of the soil, increasing farm productivity without damaging the soil-plant-water ecosystem and providing need based agro-technology transfer to the world farming communities.  Click here to go directly to Agri Info Tech's website for information and assistance concerning products and consulting services.

June 6, 2005



PATCO Organics

PATCO Organics - Amarillo, Texas, has become our newest distributor for Bio Remedies Animal Feed Products.  Bob Patton of PATCO serves Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and surrounding areas with our high-quality products and excellent customer service to both swine and cattle feedlot operations, as well as dairy throughout the region.  Contact Bob at:

PATCO Organics

2300 No. Western Ste. 120

Amarillo, TX 79124

(806) 322-2040

(806 374-9778 fax

(806) 206-8289 cell

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